Organic grain based Nutrition is what we believe and deliver. Ancient grains are one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world .They have existed for over 10000 years .While most of the modern grains like Wheat are developed over time through scientific breeding techniques, most of the ancient grains like Millets, Quinoa, Oats, Amaranth, Buckwheat etc. have largely remained unchanged from their initial domesticated varieties as they are not predisposed to commercial exploitation.

Babystaples for the last 4 years has been working to build recipes based on these inherently strong grains which are conducive to growth needs of our Lil ones. We have worked with some of India’s finest minds on child Nutrition to develop our products since 2015. Our products are developed to suit the nutrition & taste + texture build up requirements of young taste buds and have a Taste Score of > 93% with customers. We are the only company that is end to end  Organic Certified for all ingredients that we use. Nothing that is not organic even touches our ingredients and finished products till they reach you. We don’t outsource our manufacturing to ensure strict quality delivery on above parameters. Hence our foods are

  • Fully organic – Nothing artificial for our Lil Ones.Be it Fruit or Grains or Veggies
  • Made from supergrains – Inherently strong nature.Keeps full for longer .Read more here
  • Nutritionist Validated/Certified- Developed  along with a team of Nutritionist and Chef
  • Instant Preparation Recipe – 2 minutes preparation
  • No Salt/Sugar and other additives – Purely Natural
  • Unbeatable Taste  – 93% taste score as per feedback from our customers
  • Loads of  Fruit & Veggies – Yes,we mean it. Check the packs and you will be surprised too!!
  • Source tracked ( later on)
  • Range of Products – From Oats to Amaranth. All grains covered. You name it we have it