Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Technology In Front Of Your Kids

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Technology In Front Of Your Kids

In today’s world, a child starts experiencing technology from the second he is born. While it is obvious that your child will sooner or later start using the technology himself, you should not be continuously using your devices in front of your child.

Kids copy everything they see their parents doing. It is incredibly important that they don’t see you on your phone/laptop for like seven hours a day. They are going to want to do the same, and at this young age, the screens can cause damage to their sensitive eyes. If you play a game in front of them, they will want to too – and saying that it is okay if you play it because you are older isn’t going to make any sense to them.

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Why is technology bad for your child?

While I am not saying that you shouldn’t expose your child to technology at all, it is important to curb the time they (and you) spend on it. A lot of educational materials are today available on different devices that you can use for your children. However, the time limit should be restricted.

Apart from damaging their eyes, one of the main consequences of toddlers spending too much time on a mobile phone is a delayed motion sensitivity / physical development. Phones do not offer much opportunity for movement, and thus do not help your child improve his coordination skills and physical movements.

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TV and phone gaming also correlate with obesity rates, while causing an obsession that leads to sleep-deprivation and tantrums. An average adult cannot live without his/her phone for even a few hours, and we are slowly passing on this addiction to our children. Everyone knows about the potential exposure to harmful radiation that technology brings. Not only this, but the usage of devices also reduces the memory and concentration power in children.

How can I reduce the time my child spends on technology?

Reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone yourself, and you will surely notice an improvement in your child. Technology should never be the reward a child gets for doing something good, nor should it be a bribe to make them eat. It should simply be something they learn about, the same way they learn about math or science. Let your child spend a little bit of time with the devices in your house, but consider introducing them to a set of more traditional yet equally fun activities like reading!

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