Dry-fruits Gond Panjiri

Dry-fruits Gond Panjiri

Gond or Edible Gum, is one of the most essential ingredients that has been used since ages to help mothers recuperate quickly in their post-partum period. Soon after their bundle of joy is born, it is very important for the new mothers to cleanse their body, gain all the necessary strength and improve lactation so that they could take good care of their little ones.

Gond does exactly that and hence it has been added to a new mom’s diet since ages.

This traditional grand-mom’s recipe has helped many mothers recover and get up-to-speed with their new responsibilities. Gond is combined with wheat and all necessary dry-fruits like almonds, pistachios, lotus seeds (Makhaana), and melon seeds (Giri) to make it protein-rich as well.

In case of normal delivery, the mothers can start eating this Panjiri after 3-4 days.

In case of Cesarean delivery or C-section, mothers can start eating this Panjiri after about 7 days.

Nutrition Facts of Dry-Druits Gond Panjiri

  1. Excellent source of Protein – Gond and all the dry-fruits together make it protein-rich.
  2. Good source of Dietary Fiber.
  3. Improves digestion and breast-milk production.
  4. Helps new mothers to gain strength and recover quickly.

One bowl of this Panjiri (50g) everyday can give a nutritional boost to a new mother’s health.

Benefits of Dry-fruits Gond Panjiri from BabyStaples

  1. Organically Certified grains are used.
  2. 100% home-made – thoroughly washed, soaked in RO water, and home-milled.
  3. 100% pure and hygienic.
  4. No added preservatives.
  5. BPA free packaging.

We also keep in mind the weight-gain concerns of a pregnant mother. Thus, only the required amount of sugar and ghee are added in the preparation of this Panjiri. This is not made as laddoo to avoid the addition of extra ghee.

Shelf Life

  1. Best before 2 months from the date of manufacture if stored in dry conditions.
  2. It can be used upto 6 months from the date of manufacture if the contents are transferred to an airtight container after opening and stored in a refrigerator.

Delivery Time – 7 days

This product is made on order and hence requires greater delivery time.



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