Our Story

About the CEO -

A EEE Honors graduate from BITS Pilani (Rajasthan), Aanchal worked as a technical lead at top electronics companies like Intel and AMD for over ten years before resigning to focus on her children.

A note from the CEO -

Kids are a handful – especially when it comes to eating. Feeding your little ones is always the biggest task of the day, and if they don’t like the food, this task just gets harder. However, it’s impossible to tell your babies that they cannot eat pizzas, and it’s pretty hard to get them to eat the healthy food either.

When I had my son, I expected a sweet little boy who would open his mouth and eat anything I gave him. Tantrums thrown over food was definitely not what I expected. In India, there was hardly any baby food on grocery shop racks, and I did not like the only stuff that was available. That’s when I decided to go the old way and make my own food for my baby.

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Combining ancient techniques of dehydrating and grinding food with modern methods, I mixed and matched ingredients until I was satisfied with the products. And guess what, my baby stopped throwing his food tantrums! These are age old practices, that my grandmother and mother have used. I used them for my second baby (a beautiful daughter!) too, and saw the same results. Unique combinations like zucchini, pumpkin and quinoa pleased my infant daughter’s taste-buds, and sprouted jawar and moong made yummy pancakes for my toddler son – and everything was in the form of powder!

Powdered fruits, powdered millets, powdered vegetables. I add water to the powder and make porridges for my littlest one, or I pour the mixture on the pan and voila, there’s a pancake for my son, my husband, and me. It was a powdery bliss for all of us.

And thus began my journey of spreading the magic edible pixie dust to everyone I knew, and anyone who needed it. I expanded the idea to cater to both to-be and new mothers, realizing how much the laddoos my mom had given me had helped me maintain my health in those trying pregnancy and post-pregnancy months. Filled with dry fruits, gond, kangni and every other ingredient a new mom needs, these laddoos are filled with nutrients to support a mother’s changing body and needs.


My love for food and children finally gave birth to BabyStaples.

My mission is to make the lives of moms around India simpler by giving them the much needed healthy, organic, and 110% homemade food for their babies, and of course, themselves. Every grain of baby food that I send out is non-GMO, free of preservatives, sugar and salt (because natural food is so much more delicious and healthy!), and is delivered in BPA-free packaging filled with tons of love – because your baby deserves the best and so much more. It’s a healthy promise from a mom to another mom, an effort to nurture the little ones together, and turn them into cute little foodies who love healthy food as much as burgers!