In today’s world, a child starts experiencing technology from the second he is born. While it is obvious that your child will sooner or later start using the technology himself, you should not be continuously using your devices in front of your child. Kids copy everything they see their parents doing. It is incredibly important that they don’t see you on your phone/laptop for like seven hours a day. They are going to want to do the same, and at this young age, the screens can cause damage to their sensitive eyes. If you play a game in front of them, they will want toRead More →

rock salt

How much salt are we eating? Let’s face it, we are all a little bit obsessed with salt. We put it in biscuits, cakes, cookies, curries, juices, and even butter! And we don’t stop there, we’ve come up with a bunch of different types of sodium chloride. Table, rock (sendha namak), kosher, Himalayan, iodized salt, and salt with less sodium – there’s no end. WHO recommends that adults should consume less than 5g of salt per day, which is less than a teaspoon. For children (ages 2-15), this amount should be reduced, depending on their energy requirements – but never over 5g. And babies andRead More →

sad child

Parenting is a hard job, and despite our best efforts to shield our children from negative thoughts, sometimes we ourselves let slip words and phrases that leave impressions on our children’s soft minds, shaping the way they think for the rest of their lives. Even if you didn’t say it to the child, even if you were simply talking to yourself and your child happened to overhear, these are five incredibly common phrases that you probably have used in front of your little one. Here’s why you should stop. “I’m so fat!” This is usually accompanied by “I need to start working out!” or “AllRead More →

Sugar may be very delicious, but you should only eat it in small amounts. Recommended Intake WHO recommends reducing the intake of free sugars to less than 10% of the total daily energy intake. Recent studies say that it should actually be less than 5%. In simpler terms, this means that all sweet things – be it actual sugar, or the natural sweetness in things like fruits and honey – should be only a very small portion of your diet. This is true for all ages, however, it is of utmost importance at younger stages. Doctors recommend completely eliminating any added sugars upto about 1Read More →

Uses of Quinoa

Get introduced to the wonder-grain Quinoa! Do you feel the constant pressure of squeezing in the nutrients in the diet of your family especially in a vegetarian diet? Introduce your diet to the powerhouse of nutrients Quinoa, pronounced “Keen-wah” which is undoubtedly the mother of all grains and truly a superfood. Nutritional Benefits of Quinoa Quinoa, a 7000 year old grain, is one of the very few plant foods that is a rich source of almost all nutrients. One of the richest sources of protein – One cup of cooked quinoa contains 8 grams of protein! It contains all nine essential amino acids making itRead More →

Cosy blankets, warm shrugs, cold mornings and sunny afternoons! Yes, the winter is here and this is the time when we all look forward to spending some time outdoors during the sunny afternoons to beat the cold. As much as we are excited to welcome the new season, we forget the difficulties that it comes with, especially for our little ones. With the decreasing immunity, our body becomes susceptible to many diseases like cold and cough, thus increasing the need to include the immunity boosting foods in our diet. Keeping covered with warm clothes is one part of the story. But we also need toRead More →

Every kid (and adult) loves cheese – don’t deny it! Cheese is yummy and healthy by itself, but what if I told you that you can make it even more delicious and nutritious? These Cheesy Broccoli Bites do just that. Made out of BabyStaples Exotic Broccoli Soup powder, these bites combine the goodness of broccoli, carrot, corn and spinach with the taste of cheese and mash potatoes to yield a party-perfect dish! It’s like a traditional aloo tikki, but healthier and with a molten cheese center. So let’s get started! Ingredients – BabyStaples Exotic Broccoli Soup Powder – 1 tbsp Mashed Potatoes – 1/2 cupRead More →

4-Ingredient Cookies

Cookies are a delicious, easy way to satisfy any hunger or cravings throughout the day. They are ready-made, yummy, easy to store and very filling. You can pack them in a little box and take them to work, or give them to your child in his lunch box. However, store-bought cookies usually are filled with maida/refined flours, and hence completely lack in any nutrition. The solution? These 4-ingredient homemade cookies that are made out of healthy, nutritious flours and can be easily prepared and stored for two weeks! Ingredients – BabyStaples Powder – 1 cup (recommended powders: BabyStaples Oats Porridge, Sprouted Amaranth Porridge, Ragi Porridge,Read More →

Steel-Cut Oats are highly fibrous with lots of other essential nutrients. These are also one of the whole grains which are least processed to give the goodness of all nutrients. They are the whole-grain groats which are not processed or rolled like rolled oats that are commonly found in the market.  BabyStaples Oats Porridge powder is made from organically certified steel-cut oats, and contains no sugar, salt, preservatives or milk. The oats are thoroughly washed, soaked in RO water, roasted and home-milled – so you can be sure that your baby only gets the best. Nutrition Facts of Steel-Cut Oats: Rich in Dietary Fiber –Read More →

baby milk

Milk has always been called the complete, whole food that is extremely beneficial for a baby. Considered a filling nutritious meal, it is a common belief that if your child is having enough milk, it’s alright if he/she isn’t eating much of anything else. Milk is a rich source of calcium and several other nutrients, but it is not always enough. Calcium doesn’t work much without the availability of Vitamin D, and there are several other vitamins and minerals that milk lacks in. Every parent’s goal is to fill the tiny tummies of their babies, but we also need to ensure that we provide themRead More →

  Fear of Noises This fear is one of the most common and obvious ones. By the time a baby turns into a toddler, he/she is old enough to grasp sounds properly, and loud, obnoxious noises scare them. This fear is also common in adults – we jump at sounds we don’t expect – we just deal with them easier. How to deal with it – Do not give in to their requests of turning the sound off. For example, if your child is afraid of a pressure cooker’s whistle or a mixer’s churning, the simplest way to calm them down would be turning theRead More →

baby crying in bath

  Fear of Water Another common fear, fear of water usually shows up during bathing times. Loads of children get hysterical while bathing (or even going near water, sometimes) – they scream, shout, and will do anything to avoid the bath (or beach/pool) they dread so badly. How to deal with it – In this case, different sorts of fears require different sorts of attention. If your child is afraid of baths – This fear manifests for a number of reasons – perhaps soap got into their eyes, maybe the water slipping away into the drain is scary, or they had a negative experience withRead More →

  Separation Anxiety This type of anxiety is most common in children from 12 to 24 months. Children barely a year old are slowly growing independent, but they also begin to realize that they are not actually a part of you and that leads to the fear that you will soon abandon them. Many children never develop this fear, but as the number of working parents increases, this fear becomes more prominent. How to deal with it – Say bye before leaving. The most common tactic parents use is sneaking out when their child is busy in play or in another room. It saves youRead More →

apple and rice idli

Idlis make a soft and easy-to-chew dish that is ideal for children of all ages. However, a simple idli may not always please your child’s taste buds, or maybe he/she is just bored of the plain old idli! You can always go ahead and add different salty flavors to this traditional south Indian meal, but here’s how to create a sweet idli that tastes amazing too! Ingredients – BabyStaples Apple and Rice Porridge Powder – ¼ cup Water – 90 ml Baking powder – ¼ tsp (2-4 pinches) Sugar (optional) – for extra sweetness Directions – Mix the Apple and Rice powder with water andRead More →

“No mom! I want pizza, not porridge!” Or, “I will not eat anything except pizza.” Ever heard this before? Chances are, you have. Today, the only things a child wants to eat are usually not worth eating on a regular basis – pizzas, cakes, waffles, nachos – you name it. Everybody knows that these snacks have little to no nutritional value and will more often cause you harm than good. However, here at BabyStaples, we believe that there is always a way to turn these yummy junk foods into yummy healthy foods. The only harmful part of a pizza is the refined flour wheat thatRead More →

A traditional English breakfast served best with maple or chocolate syrup and fruits, waffles make for a hearty morning meal or a midday snack. However, as delicious as waffles might be, they lack in nutritional properties as they are nearly completely made out of refined flour. White flour hardly has any nutritional value and instead clogs up your child’s digestive system, making it a no-no for any toddler’s meal. However, when replaced by whole wheat – or better yet, BabyStaples powders like Amaranth, Poha and Dates, Millet Mix, Ragi, Amaranth, Oats, Barley, Pear and Oats and Apple and Rice – waffles turn into a power-packed,Read More →