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Too Much Milk Is Not Good Either!

Too Much Milk Is Not Good Either!

Milk has always been called the complete, whole food that is extremely beneficial for a baby. Considered a filling nutritious meal, it is a common belief that if your child is having enough milk, it’s alright if he/she isn’t eating much of anything else.

Milk is a rich source of calcium and several other nutrients, but it is not always enough. Calcium doesn’t work much without the availability of Vitamin D, and there are several other vitamins and minerals that milk lacks in. Every parent’s goal is to fill the tiny tummies of their babies, but we also need to ensure that we provide them with healthy food.

Milk has always been a very important and major part of a baby’s diet, but we seem to have forgotten that too much of anything is never good. If your child drinks more than three cups of milk per day, she may be getting more than half of her daily calorie intake from milk alone. This could lead to a feeling of fullness and hence the child may refuse to eat anything else.

Milk actually makes it harder to absorb iron, which is vital in a kid’s early days. Your baby also needs iron to make enough red blood cells to give tissues and organs the oxygen required. Dried fruits, nuts, beans and eggs all have a lot of iron, and are essential in your child’s meal. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, so make sure to include ingredients like broccoli, tomato, oranges and strawberries in the kid’s food! Almonds add another source of calcium to your child’s diet, and also help in sharpening memory and eyesight.

A child should never be given more milk than two-three glasses (16-24 ounces) a day, and this amount, combined with all the above mentioned aspects of a balanced meal, will help your child grow into a healthy and bright individual!

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