4-Ingredient Cookies

Easy Four Ingredient Cookies

Easy Four Ingredient Cookies

Cookies are a delicious, easy way to satisfy any hunger or cravings throughout the day. They are ready-made, yummy, easy to store and very filling. You can pack them in a little box and take them to work, or give them to your child in his lunch box. However, store-bought cookies usually are filled with maida/refined flours, and hence completely lack in any nutrition. The solution? These 4-ingredient homemade cookies that are made out of healthy, nutritious flours and can be easily prepared and stored for two weeks!

Ingredients –

  • BabyStaples Powder – 1 cup (recommended powders: BabyStaples Oats Porridge, Sprouted Amaranth Porridge, Ragi Porridge, Amaranth and Poha Porridge with Dates, Barley Porridge and Pear and Oats Porridge)
  • Butter/Ghee (or coconut oil, for vegans) – ½ cup
  • Sugar – ¼ cup or as per taste
  • Milk – ¼ cup

Directions –

  1. Mix the milk, butter and sugar together. It is alright if the sugar does not dissolve completely.
  2. Add BabyStaples powder little by little until the mixture turns into a soft dough.
  3. Cover the dough in a cling wrap or foil and put it in the refrigerator for 30-50 minutes. This step is optional, but it adds to the texture and crispiness of the cookies.
  4. Roll the dough out and use a cookie cutter to make the cookies, or simply make small balls with your hands and press them into a circular cookie shape.
  5. Bake the cookies in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes.

Simple, isn’t it? I’ve made these 4-ingredient cookies for birthday parties, and they’re always a hit. They are easy to make, highly nutritious and so, so yummy! There’s never a time that you won’t find these cookies in my house – they’re perfect for every occasion – parties, unexpected guests, or simply an evening snack. You can store them for upto a week at room temperature, or pop them into the fridge and they’ll last for at least two weeks.

Happy baking!

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