Have you ever given a thought that the tiny little seed popularly known as the bird grain can transform your baby’s health and life! Yes, the ancient grain called Ragi or Finger Millet, has the properties which can make one healthy and energetic. It is one of those grains which has been traditionally being consumed in India since times immemorable but has become obsolete from our kitchens. Millets literally need no fertilizers and pesticides to grow, promising a complete organic approach. So far as organic baby food is concerned, Ragi is one of the superfoods which you can feed your babies staying assured that theirRead More →


“Can I include Oats in my baby’s diet?” The first year of baby is very transformational. Just like how a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly, a new born is swaddled initially and is literally running by the end of the year. And all that a baby does is just like a caterpillar eat, eat and eat! The caterpillar then goes through a resting phase, allowing itself to absorb all that it has fed and then slowly it turns into a beautiful butterfly! Ready to spread its wings and fly. Likewise, a baby goes through incredible changes in the first year. Baby’s weight doubles in sixRead More →

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Making Travel and Vacations Kid-Friendly Traveling with kids is something many parents dread. A lot of travel enthusiasts give up traveling the minute the become parents. It initially starts with the inability to travel due to the baby being too small, which eventually turns into a fear of the toddler throwing tantrums while you are on vacation, ruining everything. This fear is rather obvious, as when you see your child throw tantrums at home, perhaps not even allowing you to enjoy a trip to the mall, it is impossible to think that they will stay quiet while traveling. However, it is certainly possible to travelRead More →


Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Technology In Front Of Your Kids In today’s world, a child starts experiencing technology from the second he is born. While it is obvious that your child will sooner or later start using the technology himself, you should not be continuously using your devices in front of your child. Kids copy everything they see their parents doing. It is incredibly important that they don’t see you on your phone/laptop for like seven hours a day. They are going to want to do the same, and at this young age, the screens can cause damage to their sensitive eyes. If youRead More →

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Why Too Much Salt Is Deadly For Your Child And You How much salt are we eating? Let’s face it, we are all a little bit obsessed with salt. We put it in biscuits, cakes, cookies, curries, juices, and even butter! And we don’t stop there, we’ve come up with a bunch of different types of sodium chloride. Table, rock (sendha namak), kosher, Himalayan, iodized salt, and salt with less sodium – there’s no end. WHO recommends that adults should consume less than 5g of salt per day, which is less than a teaspoon. For children (ages 2-15), this amount should be reduced, depending onRead More →

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What Sugar Does To Your Baby And You Sugar may be very delicious, but you should only eat it in small amounts. Recommended Intake WHO recommends reducing the intake of free sugars to less than 10% of the total daily energy intake. Recent studies say that it should actually be less than 5%. In simpler terms, this means that all sweet things – be it actual sugar, or the natural sweetness in things like fruits and honey – should be only a very small portion of your diet. This is true for all ages, however, it is of utmost importance at younger stages. Doctors recommendRead More →

8 BestImmunityBoosters

8 Immunity Boosting Foods for Winter! Cosy blankets, warm shrugs, cold mornings and sunny afternoons! Yes, the winter is here and this is the time when we all look forward to spending some time outdoors during the sunny afternoons to beat the cold. As much as we are excited to welcome the new season, we forget the difficulties that it comes with, especially for our little ones. With the decreasing immunity, our body becomes susceptible to many diseases like cold and cough, thus increasing the need to include the immunity boosting foods in our diet. Keeping covered with warm clothes is one part of theRead More →

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Too Much Milk Is Not Good Either! Milk has always been called the complete, whole food that is extremely beneficial for a baby. Considered a filling nutritious meal, it is a common belief that if your child is having enough milk, it’s alright if he/she isn’t eating much of anything else. Milk is a rich source of calcium and several other nutrients, but it is not always enough. Calcium doesn’t work much without the availability of Vitamin D, and there are several other vitamins and minerals that milk lacks in. Every parent’s goal is to fill the tiny tummies of their babies, but we alsoRead More →


  Separation Anxiety This type of anxiety is most common in children from 12 to 24 months. Children barely a year old are slowly growing independent, but they also begin to realize that they are not actually a part of you and that leads to the fear that you will soon abandon them. Many children never develop this fear, but as the number of working parents increases, this fear becomes more prominent. How to deal with it – Say bye before leaving. The most common tactic parents use is sneaking out when their child is busy in play or in another room. It saves youRead More →


Best Home Remedies For Relieving Constipation In Kids Parents always love to see their baby happy eating and playing, but constipation is one of those conditions that sometimes becomes stressful for both the parent and the baby. There are several medicines available in the market, but using simple home remedies at the first sign of constipation can help avoid further aggravations. All these tips are tried and tested, and they work like a wonder! Ajwain Powder – Carom Seeds are full of medicinal values and are an age old remedy for curing digestive problems, including stomach bloating and constipation. Directions – Wash ajwain seeds properlyRead More →


Homemade Ghutti (Medicine) That Works Like Magic Childhood is the best part of a human’s life – children just eat, play and have fun without any worries. But at the same time, it becomes very distressing for the parents (and the kids) when the kids fall sick. Therefore, immunity plays a very crucial role and boosting this immunity is an essential element for raising healthy children. This grandma’s recipe with ayurvedic properties works wonders in treating constipation, diarrhoea, increasing immunity in kids, and for treating cold and cough. Besides all the medicinal values, the iron from jaggery, the calcium from ajwain and the dietary fiberRead More →


Why Your Child Should Be Performing These Age Appropriate Chores (Ages 8 And Up) Chores, when properly crafted and turned into fun games, can be the most important activities of your child’s day. Not only do chores help shape your child’s personality and increase his/her productivity, organizational skills and self esteem, but they also turn time that would probably be spent watching TV into something useful (while cutting out some of your workload!) In the previous post, we discussed age appropriate chores for the younger age group of 2-7 years, but as your child grows, you need to start tasking them with chores that suit his/her growingRead More →

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Why Your Child Should Be Performing These Age Appropriate Chores (Ages 2-7) Parents often shy away from tasking their children with any sort of household chores. After all, taking care of the house is the responsibility of parents, and so is pampering their kids. It is not wrong to let children do as they like, but simple, age appropriate chores can shape your child’s personality, confidence, and their outlook on the world. Studies show that children who do chores around the house become better team players and responsible adults. Doing things as simple as making their own beds helps give kids a sense of accomplishmentRead More →