child on suitcase

Traveling with kids is something many parents dread. A lot of travel enthusiasts give up traveling the minute the become parents. It initially starts with the inability to travel due to the baby being too small, which eventually turns into a fear of the toddler throwing tantrums while you are on vacation, ruining everything. This fear is rather obvious, as when you see your child throw tantrums at home, perhaps not even allowing you to enjoy a trip to the mall, it is impossible to think that they will stay quiet while traveling. However, it is certainly possible to travel with children, and here areRead More →

Most children won’t begin holding a pen or a brush properly until age 3, but they learn to move their fingers much earlier. Children love creating messes with their fingers, even if they are simply dipping their fingers in a bowl of curd and wiping them off on a plate. Not only does finger (and feet) painting allow your child to use his/her imagination and creativity, but it also strengthens the hands and fingers, helping your child develop fine motor skills. This awesomely fun activity teaches your kids about mixing different colors and stimulates their senses, while soothing them by giving them a space toRead More →