Childhood is the best part of a human’s life – children just eat, play and have fun without any worries. But at the same time, it becomes very distressing for the parents (and the kids) when the kids fall sick. Therefore, immunity plays a very crucial role and boosting this immunity is an essential element for raising healthy children. This grandma’s recipe with ayurvedic properties works wonders in treating constipation, diarrhoea, increasing immunity in kids, and for treating cold and cough. Besides all the medicinal values, the iron from jaggery, the calcium from ajwain and the dietary fiber from munakka and saunf add to yourRead More →

These popsicle ideas don’t necessarily include fruits, but they are healthy and turn classic Indian summer drinks into ice creams! Rooh Afza – Khus Popsicles Ingredients – Rooh Afza Syrup Khus Syrup Water – 2 cups Powdered sugar (optional) – as per taste Directions – Add 1 tbsp Rooh Afza syrup to ⅔ cup of water and mix well. Optionally, add powdered sugar to suit your tastes. Add ½ tbsp Khus syrup to ⅓ cup of water and mix well. Optionally, add powdered sugar to suit your tastes. You can pour the two juices into separate moulds, but here, we decided to create watermelon-like popsiclesRead More →

Does your tot prefer creamy popsicles? Try out our yogurt – fruit ice creams to satisfy your rich cravings! How to make greek yogurt (hung curd) Tie fresh curd in a thin cloth like muslin. Hang it over a sink/bowl/strainer to drain the the liquid. Let it drain for at least 2-4 hours. Transfer it to a bowl, and enjoy your greek yogurt – eat it plain, or make delicious popsicles out of it! Fruitylicious Ingredients – Greek yogurt – 1 cup Assortment of finely chopped fruits (we used mangoes, strawberries and kiwis) – 1 cup Sugar – as per taste Directions – Mix yogurtRead More →

Fruit Juice Popsicles Fruit juices are a must during those hot summer days, however it can often be hard to get your little ones to drink the juice. When the temperature is soaring, everyone wants ice cream and soft drinks! Fruit juice popsicles are the perfect way to give your child a healthy, natural boost – and they are so simple to make! Ingredients – Fruit juice – 1 cup Sugar (optional) Directions – Although any juice will be naturally sweet, you can mix in sugar to suit your child’s preferences. Transfer the juice to a popsicle mold or simply pour it into an iceRead More →