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The first year of a baby is marked by many milestones. The first bath they take, the first time they sit, the first time they crawl, their first step, the first food, the first words they speak! The list of ‘the firsts’ for the first year of babies is endless! Amongst the many first, the first food given to babies plays a very crucial role. When the time came to give solid food to our babies, we are filled with excitement as well as anxiety. Excitement is there to present before them a whole new range of baby food available and allowing them to letRead More →

Homemade Baby Food BabyStaples

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” Hippocrates Homemade food is one such platform which allows mothers to meet their growing baby’s nutritional requirements making sure that they achieve their milestones in a timely manner – be it the physical milestones like the regular height and weight gains or the developmental milestones like the cognitive, social and fine motor skills. It is therefore important that we present a diaspora of recipes to the baby, staying assured of its freshness and pureness while meeting all the nutritional requirements. Some questions keep beeping in our mind when it comes to feedingRead More →


Have you ever given a thought that the tiny little seed popularly known as the bird grain can transform your baby’s health and life! Yes, the ancient grain called Ragi or Finger Millet, has the properties which can make one healthy and energetic. It is one of those grains which has been traditionally being consumed in India since times immemorable but has become obsolete from our kitchens. Millets literally need no fertilizers and pesticides to grow, promising a complete organic approach. So far as organic baby food is concerned, Ragi is one of the superfoods which you can feed your babies staying assured that theirRead More →