Why Babystaples

Our Belief & Journey so far – BabyStaples is an effort to build a community of new age mums who believe in not giving artificial food to their lil ones. We know that coming times are going to be not easy for and Kids will need a stronger and unadulterated start to life, where their guts grow on stronger nutrition to build stronger immune systems and eventually strong minds and healthy bodies.

 It all started in year 2015 when founding team got together after first-hand experience of how artificially formulated products can do harm than good due to the harmful additives that are used in them. BabyStaples founder’s daughter had to face some complicated health issues and when nutritionist advised switching to natural nutrition which solved the problems for her. It was then that we found about such clean products, though not easily available, can do real good to the new life. And this was the genesis of mum movement called BabyStaples.

 We collaborated with Nutritionists, Chefs and Septuagenarians over a period of 18 months to develop and then test the recipes extensively among the extended circle of friends and after complete satisfaction launched it for the new mums who believe in adulterated nutrition for their child. Thanks for our community we now cater to thousands of regular customers

We see ourselves not as a company but as a community of mums and reach out to them to carry this idea forward. If you are also passionate about this then do join our Mum community and contribute through your question, ideas and advice. We will bank on you to proliferate this idea in your circles.

Our promise – We will not bring anything for sales to our consumers that we can’t give to our own kids at home. Most of the recipes that are shared here are regularly being used between our founding team, their close friend circles and customers who are with us from the start. As a second step any new product before launch is validated with customers who are with us for some time and then only brought to our website for delivery. We are in the process of creating city specific chapters of mums who wish to be part of this circle and can share how they liked our future products that we are working on

Our Team


CEO, Founder
Aanchal left her Fortune 500 MNC work life to work for her passion which are Kids. Her around the globe scouting and in-depth research on nutrition science for kids convinced her a huge need for such products that are non artificial and not made in science labs. 'This is the least we can do for our next generation' was her resolve when she founded BabyStaples.


COO, Co-Founder
Our In house Chief Nutrition Officer and product Development expert .She collaborates with a team of Nutritionist and Chefs to formulate recipes, then try them with a group of mothers from our mum community and make them ready for launch.


CMO, Co-Founder
Collaborated with BabyStaples when he was researching on similar product ideas for Kids Nutrition. He comes from branding background having worked with some of the most Trusted brands in FMCG space. His passion is to meet our consumers, learn from them and make BabyStaples one of the most loved Organic Nutrition brands.


BabyStaples relies big time on Technology across all its internal and external functions and Mugdha spearheads this initiative for us. A generation Z amongst the rest of the Millennial team, she is the champion of developing tech backbone for us, which our consumers are gonna feel in coming days.